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Kitulo Plateau National Park

Proposed Kitulo Plateau National Park Kitulo National Park covers 412.9 sq km (159 sq miles). Locals refer to the Kitulo Plateau as Bustani ya Mungu – The Garden of God – while botanists have dubbed it the Serengeti of Flowers, host to ‘one of the great floral spectacles of the world’. Kitulo is indeed a rare botanical marvel, home to a full ...

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WESTERN CIRCUIT Attractions around Mwanza include a short boat excursion to Saa Nane Island (literally “eight o’clock island”) which has a large variety of reptiles and small game: a visit to the scruffy beach resorts on Ukerewe Island: and a visit to the Sukuma Museum (15km out of Mwanza on the Musoma road) where there is a spectacular drum collection. ...

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Zanzibar Island, A Tourist Paradise

Zanzibar is the largest and well knows as a Tourist Paradise or commonly the Spice Islands. Its very name conjures up images of doors and chests, narrow streets, coral reefs and faces from the four corners of the Indian Ocean. It has been rightly called the feel of the Equatorial sun linger seductively in the memory. Zanzibar was once a center ...

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