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Tsavo East National Park

Altitude 500-4,000ft. Area 11747Sq kms. Distance from Nairobi 333 kms. Opened April 1948. Tsavo East National Park is one of Kenya’s oldest and largest National Parks. It is accredited as one of the worlds leading biodiversity strongholds, bushy grassland and open plains alternate with semi-arid acacia scrub and woodlands. Green swathes cross the park where the river banks give rise to lush ...

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Tsavo West National Park

Altitude 500-6,000FT Area 9,065sq KMS Distance from Nairobi 240 KMS Opened April 1948. Tsavo West National Park is easy to reach, located off the main Nairobi-Mombasa road. It offers tremendous views with diverse habitats ranging from Mountains, River forest, Plains, Lakes and Wooded Grassland. Its plains border with Tanzania. Game includes Leopard, Cheetah, Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Crocodile and small ...

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