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“When you are in Tanzania the argument to leave becomes difficult and when you leave the

memories are unforgettable” Classic Tours Land Cruiser vehicleAfrican Elephants (Loxodonta africana)are among the most abundant wild animals in Tanzania’s parks. This is evident should you pay a visit in Tanzania with Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd. We will take you to Unexplored corners of the country. We have long term experiences with wildlife safaris/game viewing and our guides are professionals to ensure your dream to Africa come true.


We organize safaris in Kenya including Masai Mara, Samburu, Buffalo spring and Shaba National Reserve, Amboseli, Tsavo West, Lake Nakuru and Aberdares. Mt Kenya climb and historical sites in Kenya Republic  is also planned.


Extended and non extended 4X4 Landruisers and 110-220 TDI Landrovers are our Safari vehicles to explore and experience the true African wilderness.  At Classic Tours and Safaris you will be accompanied by English or French speaking  guide to the endless plains of Serengeti and the unexplored parts of  Southern Tanzania. In Tanzania wherever place you travel from South to North, East to West; you will be invited by the natural forest, wild animals of all kinds from the big elephants; the tall giraffes, the tree climbing lions, to the smallest antelopes and the bush rats which are recipes to the Makonde of the Southern Tanzania Mtwara and Lindi regions. E-mail  us now to plan your Safari.


We provide services for

  1. -Cultural tour/safaris,
  2. -Tailor made wildlife safaris,
  3. -5- Star  luxury lodge safaris,
  4. -Adventure safaris,
  5. -Backpacker safaris,
  6. -Mt. Kilimanjaro trekking,
  7. -Lodge bookings
  8. -Hiking,
  9. -Camping safaris
  10. -Car hire
  11. -Mountain climbing and

-most intensive package the “Discover Tanzania” offered to individual or groups.  Classic Tours would like to help you plan your safari and explore the true scenic vista of Tanzania.


Tanzania National Parks are unique for their composition of flora and fauna in the World. Most endemic species; not found anywhere but Tanzania, few remained species of both flora and fauna make Tanzania a place worth to visit whether on your business trip, vacation, holiday or visiting friends and relatives. Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd would like to be your host while in the beautiful country – Tanzania.


SHUTTLE SERVICES-Daily From Moshi-Arusha-Nairobi. For more details call +255 27 254 3082 up to 7 or Email us impala@cybernet.co.tz or visit SHUTTLE website.


Tanzania has all the minerals wildlife, forestry, favourable weather ranging from tropical to temperate and many historical events are still available in the country at eye sight.

Tanzania’s Tourists destinations provide unbeatable and unique Safari  experience in the world.

Tel: +255 (027) 254 3082 Mobile: +255 (784) 550011 Skype us: classictours E-mail: info@theclassictours.com, sales@theclassictours.com

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