Zanzibar Island, A Tourist Paradise

Zanzibar Island, A Tourist ParadiseZanzibar is the largest and well knows as a Tourist Paradise or commonly the Spice Islands. Its very name conjures up images of doors and chests, narrow streets, coral reefs and faces from the four corners of the Indian Ocean. It has been rightly called the feel of the Equatorial sun linger seductively in the memory. Zanzibar was once a center of slave trade just off the Tanzania coast in the sparkling blue waters of the India Ocean slumber many tropical island, the largest of which are Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.

The coconut and palm trees give you a very relaxed mood as you watch a spectacular sunset on the African horizon over the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is well known with the Stone town’s cosmopolitan architecture and the rich history, friendly and cheerful Zanzibaris, despite the strong forces of the modernity, it is still a tranquil paradise where ancient ruins crumble amongst coconut and clove plantations, where peasants till the soil and fishermen launch their canoes as they have done for centuries.

The derivation of the name Zanzibar reflects its people. Their ancient name is the Zenj-a term thought to derive from the Persian word Zangh meaning negro, to which was added ‘bar’ meaning ‘cost’. Thus the name in it’s broadest sense signifies ‘the negro coast’. 95% of the population is Muslim. Thus a respective attire is erasable in order to build up friendly mood with the natives hence easily share the riches of Swahili culture.

Classic Tour and Safaris Ltd; we are experts on exclusive holiday to Zanzibar, Pemba and Unguja at the affordable price. Its an incredible destination for holiday maker in the Indian ocean. It boasts superb Beaches all-around indispensable for the sea sports.

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