Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve


The Selous Game Reserve is the largest protected wildlife area in Africa at 55,000, 4 times the size of Serengeti. A UN World Heritage site; this pristine, uninhabited area is larger than Switzerland.  Selous can justifiably claim to offer unparalleled wilderness. Located in southern Tanzania, it is home to the largest populations of some of Africa’s most sought after game including elephant, lion, native black rhino, wild dog, leopard, buffalo, hippo, crocodile and herds of plains game, yet it remains one of the least visited of the great game sanctuaries on the continent. The reserve gets its name from the hunter-explorer Frederick Courtney Selous, whose books about his exploits were best sellers in Victorian England. This is unspoilt natural environment for wildlife providing unbeatable adventure safari with Classic Tours & Safaris. Full day game drives inside the reserve in open slide roof 4×4 vehicles in the North-West sector of the reserve often do not pass a single other vehicle, since this is far away from the busier routes in the East. For anyone who has struggled to photograph wildlife through a throng of other vehicles or followed a convoy of vehicles through other national parks, the personal experience of the little visited Selous is particularly refreshing.  

Activities and Special Interests:

Take a cable car across Stieglers Gorge (100 metres deep and 100 metres wide); bird watching; photography; walking safaris; and fishing Tiger Fish and Vandu (in the rivers of the Kilombero Game Controlled Area to the west of the reserve). Walking safaris (with an armed ranger), game drive and boat trips are organized by the Classic Tours & Safaris. 

Main Features:

Selous stand out from many of the other wonderful reserves and parks with which Africa is blessed for the opportunity to take boat safaris and walking safaris. Both options bring you far closer to the natural environment than regular 4×4 game drives and are not generally available in other reserves. In addition to this the sheer dramatic scale of Selous makes it an outstanding example of untouched African wilderness, and as one of the last refuges of healthy populations of the endangered wild dogs the reserve truly can claim to offer a unique African safari experience. The waters of Kilombero Game Controlled Area (GCA) are home to the ferocious tiger fish and vandu fish, the latter equipped with a primitive set of lungs set of lungs which allow it to migrate from one landlocked pool to another.  

Best time to visit:

During dry season, June-October and December-March when game is forced from hiding to the river to drink. Short rains are expected in November and the long rains usually last from early April-late May. Due to a vastly improved road infrastructure around the Matambwe HQ the main track connecting Matambwe-Mtemere gates is anticipated to be passable year round from 2004. 


Selous Game Reserve is accessible by road and air. 

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