Tarangire National Park



It was established in 1970, having a total area of 2,600 sq km. It protects the Tarangire River, that runs on the overflow of the great swamps to the south.

The land gently rises on either side of the river. On the Westside baobabs are permanent trees, on the east, acacias. The River runs into Lake Burunge, a saucer shaped depression saline water filled with soda lakes such as this one are very shallow, and often dry up completely by the end of October.

Even in the driest of the year, this river does not disappear completely, and it is the Tarangire River that provides the only permanent water for animals of the Maasai steppe.


The permanent water supply of the park means that during summer the animal population here rivals that of the Serengeti with wildebeest, zebra, eland, elephant, hartebeest, buffalo, gerenuk, fringe eared Oryx, and flocks of birds of many different species.

The park is also famous for its tree climbing python and abundant birdlife.


Elephant, leopard, lion, hyena, impala and many more.


Tarangire Safari Lodge, Mbuyuni Luxury Tented camp, Treetop Tarangire, Swala Tarangire, Oliver’s Camp, Tarangire Sopa Lodge.

There is an Airstrip close to Tarangire Safari Lodge.


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