Mkomazi Umba Game Reserve

Mkomazi – Umba Game Reserve


Mkomazi Umba Game Reserve is the southern extension of Tsavo National Park in Kenya. Together they form one of East Africa’s most important savannah ecosystems, characterized by the semi-arid conditions of the Sahal Arc. The reserve covers an area of 3710 sq km east of Kilimanjaro and north or the stunning Pare Mountains, Tanzania’s Eastern Arc range.

Main features

Mkomazi does not offer the same level of game viewing as the northern national parks, although most of the large mammals are present. Tourist facilities are exceedingly sparse and limited, and travel to the area is often neglected in favour of more accessible national parks and reserves. Mkomazi Umba Game Reserve is the focus of an intensive breeding program to save the endangered black rhinos. The savannah and grasslands around Mkomazi Umba Game Reserve may be perfect for black rhinos, but it is dry and dusty for most of the year. When frequented water holes dry up, game becomes elusive and hard to find. Compared to larger and more populated national parks, Mkomazi Umba Game Reserve has its own unique appeal. The nearly extinct wild dogs have recently been introduced to the area, and the reserve does have a wide variety of indigenous snakes.

As Mkomazi Umba is a Game Reserve it is possible to venture out on foot safaris (accompanied by an armed ranger). Your safari can last anything from couple of hours or you may wish to spend several days exploring on foot. A vehicle carrying all the equipment can meet you at strategic points, with camp set up for you.

With advance notice to Classic Tours & Safaris it may be possible to arrange visits to the Black Rhino and Wild Dog Sanctuaries.


Mkomazi Umba Game Reserve is accessible by road about 4hrs drive from Arusha.

When to visit

Mkomazi Umba is the only Tanzania’s reserve that is accessible all year round.

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