Kilimanjaro Climb Price Cost

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Kilimanjaro Climb Price CostClimbing Mount Kilimanjaro costs and prices are described below. How does
it cost to climb Kilimanjaro confuses many tourists due to lack of
consistence of pricing. There is big difference on price cost to trek
Kilimanjaro between local Tour Operators and International Travel Agents.
This confusion comes due to lack of proper information.

To understand price cost to hike Kilimanjaro is just simple; just follow
basics and regulations from Mount Kilimanjaro National park. First of all
is how much is park entry fees, average quality food per meal (breakfast,
Lunch and dinner), how much guides are paid, porters salary, accommodation,
Government tax and margin.

To follow the guidelines on guide salary is important, Kilimanjaro National
park salary scale for Mountain climbing crew (Guides, porters and cooks)
are well explained down here at Official Link.

To pay exactly to local Tour Operator helps the Tour Operator to prepare
your Kilimanjaro trekking trip and pay well guides. Mount Kilimanjaro
climbing guides have to be happy and it is sure of quality services.  Asking
too cheap Kilimanjaro trek package is risk to reduce quality of services
and guides will need tip as well.

Indicative price cost to climb Kilimanjaro for 6 days routes like Machame,
Rongai, Umbwe and Marangu is from 1400 to 1700 US $ per person, it depends
how many people are you. These are prices for private climb.

The northern circuit route and Lemosho route price rates start from 1700 to
2200 US $ per person, also depends how many days and number of people.
Climbing mount Kilimanjaro trips are cheap compared to other 7 summits like
Everest, denali, elbrus e.t.c.

The prices are not fixed; bargaining for price is allowed and based on your
interests. Discount is available depending on several factors. Contact us
to negotiate prices and book your dream adventure Kilimanjaro trip.

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