12 Day Cultural Tours to Northern Tanzania

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Masai women- Tanzania cultural heritage“Maasai women in their traditional dressing: Tanzania pride on cultural heritage. Among more than 120 tribes with different cultures and traditions found in Tanzania, Masai (one of the world most traditional ethinic group) is the best cultural tourism destination”

12 Days Northern Tanzania Cultural Program Itinerary

 12 Day Cultural Tours Program  to Northern Tanzania will give you the best opportunity to meet with Masai families and learn their culture from a local life setting. This itinerary has much more to offer you please read more below:

Day 1: Arrive in Arusha City at the IMPALA HOTEL- Dinner and Overnight.

Day 2: City Sightseeing Tour Visiting local marketing, ex-colonial government Buildings, African Artistic Carvings and Works, Maasai Traditional Weapons and many areas around the city of cultural Interest.

Day 3: Proceed with City Sightseeing including National Natural History Museum, Arusha declaration monument Museum and so many things of cultural interests. Continue with trip to Meserani Snake Park, 25kms away from Arusha City. Here you will see more than 50 species of snakes including most poisonous and Dangerous snake of Africa.  The African Black Mamba at display of window Glass. Drive back to Arusha, Dinner and overnight at the IMPALA HOTEL.

Day 4: Visit Masai Bomas at the Ilboru area. In the Maasai Bomas you can learn their culture and tradition, take a rest at impressive viewpoint overlooking Arusha Town. While at going around there, they can study about trees, flowers,birds and stories of the area. After lunch start driving to Engosheraton Zoological Gardens. Thereafter, drive back to the IMPALA HOTEL.

Day 5: Drive to Kwangulelo Commuter bus station, Start a Tour to the Waterfalls Forest, in the forest observe trees, flowers, birds, Monkeys like Columbus  Monkey and blue monkey also caves. See hills and so on. After lunch visit Lake Duluti, this is among the Crater lakes, go around and continue with Bird Watching.

Day 6: Proceed with Cultural Tourism and interact with Local People of Maasai and Meru. Also you will find the women group who make cheese, banana Wine and other local products, observe how they cultivate crops like banana, maize, coffee, beans.

Day 7: Visit to an African Traditional Herbalist. Get to hear him narrate to you how his father passed over to him the skill and talent owned by a few Surviving herbal monsters. Different sample Concoctions are available and you can have a taste. Get Lunch, after lunch proceeds to a local Primary school. Drive back to Arusha at the IMPALA HOTEL.

Day 8: Visit Shimbumbu Hill Natural Expedition, You will walk across a portion of a Village from where you will comfortably merge with the locals as they move up and down in their daily chores. Walk through banana and coffee. Wind to the top of Shimbumbu Hill and visit Msese caves. Its not all crawling inside the cave; you can stand, walk between volcanic  Rocks and take photographs.

Day 9: Visit River Malala Eco Tour, river Malala runs down hundreds of meters from the majestic Mt. Meru. It cuts through the villages and its crystal clear water forms an home of simple water species. To the nature lovers walking besides the river banks and naming the birds, Flowers, Monkeys, and giant trees that have remained untouched over the years will be an experience to remember. Also Visit Banana, Coffee plantations and walk around Village paths.

Day 10 to Day 11: This Days visit Kimundo Select excursion: hear tales of African Chiefs, Visit African Chiefdom. Few meters from his palace is Khum Springs, our guide will take you there, hear how local  meteorologists were able to forecast the weather using Traditional indicators. In the following day as you leave from The Mangis domain, visit roadside Mangalia waterfalls after which you can pay tribute at the grave yard of two young Missionaries martyred in their earliest days of crusading  Christianity.

Day 12: Free at the Hotel either pool side or any of the restaurant.

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